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I believe your unique story has the power to change lives. And I want to help you…

Uncover and Release Your Hidden Story, So You Can Use It to Make a Difference in People’s Lives — Even if You’re Not Even Sure Your Story is Worth Telling! 

(Hint: It is!)

I had been standing in front of the picture for a long time.


Then, my good friend Luci came up and asked…


“What time is it Patsy?”


I started to look at my watch.


“Well, it’s—”


“Not on your watch. In the picture.”


“Lucy, how would I know what time it is in the picture?”

“Let me tell you this — if you don’t know what time it is, you haven’t truly looked at that picture. Look again,” Luci said.


So I looked at the picture again. I noticed where the shadows were.


“Oh, it’s right around noon. There’s quite a flood of natural lighting in there,” I told her.


“Do they like each other?” she said.


“Does who like each other?”


“The people in the boat out on the water.”


There’s a boat? With people?” I asked. I had no idea there was even a boat in the picture! 


Luci might have thought she was teaching me about art, but she was really teaching me something else entirely:

If you want to find beauty and purpose in anything, then you need to start asking the right questions.

After that conversation with Luci, I changed the way I looked at the pictures in the museum.


Now, I didn’t just stare…


I asked myself questions while I stared! 


And I started seeing things I normally would have missed — all because I was asking the right questions.


I think our lives can be like that too. 


It’s like we’re floating along on this raft we’ve cobbled together with sticks and leaves and whatever else we could find, and it seems like we’re doing alright until someone on the shore yells:


“HEY! Don’t you see where you’re going!? There’s a waterfall up ahead! You need to get out of the water!”


If we’re not asking the right questions…


We might end up somewhere we don’t want — or need — to be.


So now I have a question for you:

Where are you?

Not physically, mind you. But spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. 


Are you showing up in life? Or are you hiding?


“Where are you?” is actually the first known question in the Bible. It’s what God asks after Eve eats the apple and she and Adam hide from Him.


But remember, this is God we’re talking about! 


He knows exactly where they are, but He wanted them to stand accountable for their actions. Just as He wants us to stand accountable for our actions.


Once He sends them from the Garden, He asks another question:


“What have you done?”


I think those are two of the most important questions we can ask ourselves:


  1. Where are you?

  2. What have you done?


And I think those are the two questions God would ask of us again and again.


I know he has asked those questions in my life, at least. And usually…


I’m hiding.


I’m hiding behind an excuse or I’m hiding in bed, because I don’t want to face the day.


So, can I ask again?

Where are you?

Are you hiding? 


I believe each and every one of us has a unique story. A story that is not just interesting, but a story that is powerful!


A story that has the potential to change lives.


And I believe that it’s our job to tell those stories. God has given them to us not because He wants us to hide them deep down in ourselves, but because…


He wants us to use them to inspire and encourage others! 

I’m living proof.

You might already know me, but if you don’t, here’s a little bit about me (I took this from my website — I don’t talk about myself in third-person!):


Patsy is a bookish woman who loves words and has a penchant for dark chocolate sorbet. Since spelling bees in grade school, childhood Scrabble games, right up to her current addiction with Words with Friends she has been known to spell it out, to say it like it is.
Much to her surprise, Patsy has written a stack of books that continues to light her passion for the printed page. And nothing pleases her more than to share her faith through laughter and tears and to encourage others to flourish.
Patsy has written books in several genres including devotional, fiction, children’s, and gift offerings. She is one of the founding speakers at Women of Faith and trains people for the platform.
Patsy’s latest passion is helping people shake loose the stories from their own lives to use in communicating more personally, effectively, and memorably, whether from a stage, a board meeting, a Sunday School Class, or over the back fence with a neighbor. We were designed to invest in each other, sharing our stories is one way to do that.


But don’t let that fool you. I haven’t always been “Patsy, the author.”


For years, I was…

“Patsy, the woman who was terrified to leave her house.”

I could whip up a bath of concern over almost anything. 


A cloud in the sky meant a dangerous storm…


An unexplained glance from someone meant she despised me…


A simple rash meant a deadly disease…


There was no end to how I could take almost any life experience and dip it into nerve-racking scrutiny, which eventually painted me into the corner of agoraphobia. 


I could barely leave the house.


After time, I realized that the anxiety controlling my life was mine


My lifestyle supported my anxiety—


Watching sad movies, listening to the same threatening news, calling everyone I knew to talk up a problem. 


I didn’t eat well, stewed over the past, didn’t exercise, and slept way too much. 


I woke up one morning almost non-functional. I didn’t want to get out of bed, bathe, dress, or take care of my family. 


On that eye-opening day…

I decided that I wanted to live.

The idea of facing my fears terrified me…


But the idea of living the rest of my life in the prison I had created for myself was too painful to bear. 


I wanted something different…


Even if it meant walking through the darkest depths of my fear.


My journey wasn’t easy, but with the hourly choice to move forward, things began to shift.


With much prayer and strenuous effort, I gradually replaced negative life patterns. At first, it’s a wrestling match, but with time it becomes more of a natural response.


I also developed a strategic plan to win over my taunting thoughts of misery and judgement. I searched the Scriptures and memorized uplifting verses. 


I joined a Bible Study, and I read heart-cheering, faith anchoring books that inspired me. 


I still do.

I learned the healing benefits of shaking the scary contents of my heart out into the open…

So they could be aired and examined in the light! 


Ah…the light. What a revelatory healer it is!


But if I had never made that first decision — that I wanted to live! — then I might not be writing this to you today.


I’m not perfect, and I don’t claim to be. I still catch myself hiding! But when I hear God ask…


“Patsy, where are you?”


I do my best to come out of my hiding place and say:


“Here I am, Lord!”


If you want to join me and start trying to show up when He asks you that question, I want to help. 


Because I’m living proof that…

Your story can change others’ lives — even if you’re shaking in your boots just thinking about it.

Now, you might find that hard to believe — especially if you’ve spent your whole life (or a lot of it!) I was! 


If you have been hiding, it’s okay! Because now you have an opportunity to change that. :) 


I want you to know that I’m not here to push you to tell your story or to force you to write a book or become a speaker or anything like that.


That’s not my mission. 


Instead, my mission to help you release the story that’s dying to burst out


Because I have felt the peace, acceptance, and true joy that comes from showing the world who the real Patsy is…


And I would love for you to experience that same joy.

Have you been hiding?

The world doesn’t always feel like a safe place, does it? 


That’s why so many of us hide.


That’s why I was hiding (and why I still hide sometimes!). 


But I’m here to tell you, life is a lot more fun when you can step into your true identity and own the story God has given you.


It’s not as scary out here as it seems. I promise. :)


If you’re ready to come out from your hiding place and show the world who you really are, you might want a little help. Someone who can gently help you discover your story and bring it forth.


If you’ll have me, I’d love to be the coach who helps you bring your story into the world.

And I think I have just the thing to help you if you’re open to hearing about it.

Can I tell you about it?

It’s an online course called Shaking Your Tree.


I put it together to help you uncover your hidden story and release it into the world, so you can use it to make a difference in people’s lives. 


If you’ve been wanting to tell your story for years…


If you know you have something to say, but aren’t sure how to say it…


If you want to use your life to inspire others…


I believe Shaking Your Tree can help you do it.

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Shaking Your Tree was designed to uncover the story buried inside you.

Here’s what’s in it: 


Module 1: Discovering Your Creativity

  • Why YOU are a creative person (even if you’ve never seen yourself that way before!)…and how YOU have something to offer the world

  • How to take the stories hidden inside you and filter them through your innate creativity to create something truly special


Module 2: The “AL” Method for Unlocking Your Story

  • How to discover new things about yourself by using “My Pal AL”

  • How to set up a “storyboard” for your story (This will help you see themes of your life and simplify your message, so you can pinpoint your story much easier)

  • Discover your hidden potential waiting to begin its growth from “seed” to “fully grown tree!”


Module 3: Finding Your “Seeds”

  • Why there is more to you than you know (You have so much potential! And I’ll prove it to you!)

  • The key to being an entertaining conversationalist, speaker, or author

  • One fun way to stir up the creativity that is already in you


Module 4: Uncovering your “Needs”

  • How to make yourself more likely to want to work on a creative project (it all has to do with one simple supply choice)

  • Perfection isn’t the goal. In this section, I’ll share what you should focus on instead.

  • Why you don’t need fancy supplies to be creative (In fact, the more supplies I get, the less creativity comes forth!)


Module 5: Uprooting Your “Weeds”

  • How to give yourself permission to have your creativity unlocked and unleashed

  • One of the most important things you have to do if you want to make progress (It’s a little scary, but so necessary for your story and your life!)

  • How to handle criticism from otherswithout letting it stop you

  • Two simple, concrete ways to move through the excuses that might have stopped you in the past


Module 6: The “Roots” of Your Story

  • Where the deepest level of personal satisfaction happens (and how to find it — this is fun!)

  • The real reason we feel envy (and how to protect ourselves from it!)

  • A surprisingly quick, reliable way to discover your gifts — so you can live out of them and use them to root you in a sense of purpose (even if you’ve never really known what they are before)

  • The “I Am” sheet, which will help you get in touch with yourself


Module 7: The “Shoots” of Your Story

  • The “Rhythm Method” that will help you create new rhythms in your life to become the person who can do what you feel called to do

  • An incredibly simple way to have mentors beyond your imagination (even if you can never meet them in person!)

  • The “House Slipper Man” whose name comes up with nearly every single coaching client I work with (If you feel life has been hard on you — I encourage you to read his books!)


Module 8: The “Fruits” of Your Story

  • One time the opportunity for fruit often presents itself (it doesn’t always show up in a pretty package!)

  • Why it’s so important to own our history

  • How coming to know yourself better can help you love others more tenderly

How would it feel to release the story you’ve been waiting to tell?

Maybe a little scary at first, but then…




Trust me, I’ve been there! 


The truth is, it always feels safer to hide than to discover your true self and show that person to the world.


But, for one, I don’t believe God has called us to be “really good hiders,” has He?


And, for two, I can tell you from personal experience that life is a lot more FUN when you can own your story and really show up for the people who need you.


If you’re on-board, keep reading and I’ll share some important (and exciting) details with you.

How much does Shaking Your Tree cost?

There are some people who charge thousands of dollars for their online courses! 


Can you believe that?


I’m sure some of them are worth it, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable offering Shaking Your Tree at a price anywhere near that.


When you see this on your bank statement, I don’t want it to cause any anxiety. In fact, I want you to think:


Shaking Your Tree would be worth it even if it cost twice as much!”


That’s why my team and I settled on a one-time payment of $297.


But we really wanted to make this a no-brainer for you, so we’ve got a few extra goodies too. :)

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Revealed: The Shaking Your Tree BONUS Videos!

On top of all the foundational course content in Shaking Your Tree, I'm also including 6 bonus videos! Here's what they are...

Story Form

  • A few easy ways to organize your thoughts when you’re writing (Writing can be overwhelming, but this video will help simplify it for you)

  • How to understand your hurting places and learn how to heal them (Step 1: Invite the Great Physician to be a part of the healing process)


Porch, Parlor, and Package

  • A simple story form to help you get a clear picture of what you want to achieve whether you’re delivering a talk or writing a book



  • The “File Folder” method I learned from my mentor, author Florence Littauer, which is the quickest way I’ve ever found to put a book together


Book Love

  • 6 books that have touched my life recently and throughout the years



  • Watch me mentor one of my dear friends who believes she wants to write a book. I answer the questions you probably have if you find yourself in the same place!

  • I also share the two questions that will show you if there’s a book hiding inside you


Girlfriends Matter

  • A 20-minute talk I gave to during a recent conference on the power our community has to pull the very best out of us and help sharpen us—even as we disagree with each other sometimes!

Even more bonuses!

In addition to all the bonus videos mentioned above, I wanted to give you a few more gifts too!

The Hard Copy DVD Boxed Set of Shaking Your Tree

Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet and I love my smartphone, but there’s something about holding a physical copy of something that’s hard to beat! 

This bonus gives you a hard copy of all the videos in Shaking Your Tree, so you can truly own this course for yourself.

Your Custom Shaking Your Tree Journal

You can use this journal to do the Shaking Your Tree exercises, and refer to it whenever you need it! 

My Autobiography, I Grew Up a Little

Since Shaking Your Tree is all about uncovering your unique hidden story and sharing it with the world…

I wanted to make sure I shared my unique story with you.

So, here’s everything you get with Shaking Your Tree

All 8 modules in the foundational Shaking Your Tree course:

  • Module 1: Discovering Your Creativity

  • Module 2: The “AL” Method for Unlocking Your Story

  • Module 3: Finding Your “Seeds”

  • Module 4: Uncovering your “Needs”

  • Module 5: Uprooting Your “Weeds”

  • Module 6: The “Roots” of Your Story

  • Module 7: The “Shoots” of Your Story

  • Module 8: The “Fruits” of Your Story


All 6 bonus videos:

  • Video 1: Story Form

  • Video 2: Porch, Parlor, and Package

  • Video 3: Kickstart

  • Video 4: Book Love

  • Video 5: Mentoring

  • Video 6: Girlfriends Matter


All 3 hardcopy bonuses:

  • The Hard Copy DVD Boxed Set of Shaking Your Tree

  • Your Custom Shaking Your Tree Journal

  • My Autobiography, I Grew Up a Little

Click Here to Get Shaking Your Tree Today!

And, to make this easy on you, I want to promise you a… 


30-Day, No Questions Asked, 100% Money-Back Guarantee


If you try Shaking Your Tree and realize it’s not for you — that’s okay.


Just let my team know within your first 30 days, and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. :)


Isn’t it time to tell your story?


If what I’ve said here resonates with you, I don’t want you to have to hide any longer.


You have the power to uncover your story, to share it, and to own it.


Your story can change people’s lives. I’m proof of that.


And if you want help uncovering that story and releasing it into the world so you can make a difference in people’s lives…


Will you allow me to help?


Try Shaking Your Tree Today


Once the countdown timer below gets to zero, Shaking Your Tree will no longer be available.


So don’t wait to uncover your hidden story! 


Try Shaking Your Tree today, and let’s work together to release the story you’ve been carrying for so long. :)


- Patsy

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